Every photo will have a ‘Property’ file which will provided details about the photos when it was taken by your camera devise.

A photo stored on a desktop.

  • Using your mouse, ‘right click’ on the photo you have selected. The photo ‘property’ file will display on the monitor/screen.
  • Select Tab ‘Details’ and scroll down until you come to the ‘Image’ Section. Here is were you will find pixel and resolution information for your photo.

Our recommended MINIMUM pixel sizes (on longest side) for photos are:

  • Plaque 5″x7″ – 1600 pixels
  • Plaque 8″x10″ – 2000 pixels
  • Plaque 11″x14″ – 2400 pixels
  • Keepsake Ashes Memorial Boxes – 1600 pixels
  • Indoor Display Tile Plaques – 1600 pixels