If you have a special photo you would like to use for your memorial plaque but it is an older photo and only available in paper copy, you could elect to have the photo scanned or scan it yourself. The following are some helpful hints to help you scan your photo.

  • Ensure scanner glass is free from dust or marks; which will be transferred to your digital copy
  • Ensure your paper copy photo is free from dust. Depending on quality of paper copy photo, any marks or scratches maybe corrected by our graphic section during production phase.
  • Place paper copy is positioned correction in or on scanner
  • Set your scanner to save digital copy in format: jpg, png or pdf
  • Check your scanner is set to quality 300dpi or greater
  • Scanner may be set to standard A4 paper size. Photo may be cropped to scan only the actual photo.
  • If paper photo has a lot of wasted background area it can be crop further. However, ensure the subject in (cropped) photo fills more than 1/2 of photo, but no more than 3/4. This will ensure there is sufficient background image around the subject. Refer to How to Select the ‘Right’ Photo for further assistance