Choosing the right photo for best result

At A Glance

  • Try to select a photo with your pet looking forward. If you do not have one, don’t stess.
  • Ensure you have sufficient background around the subject, but not too much (see samples below)
  • The larger the pixel size generally the better as resolution quality will be much better.

Read on further for full explanations


Not all photos are suitable to use in our print memorial plaques. We have provided some examples (below) to help you select the bet photo for your plaque.

The following examples are provided for our 5″x7″ memorial plaque.

Our standard plaque template is set for photos in ‘portrait’ orientation. Photos with other orientations (ie: landscape or square) may require a customised setting to suit the photo.

Please use the information as a guide to assist you with selecting the right photo for your plaque.

If you are still not sure – Don’t Sweat It. Contact us and we will provide you email address for send your photos for checking.

Larger plaques (ie 8″x10″ and 11″x14″) require higher resolution and larger pixel settings (2400 pixels). Refer to individual product description for photo requirements/specifications. Principles for selecting ‘right’ photo will be the same.

This original photo is 1600 x 1067 pixel in size. 1600 pixels is our minimum recommended size (on longest side). However it has a lot of background that is wasted area and not useable.

When we select the useable portion of photo image the pixel size of that useable proportion is reduced considerable (in pixel size).

The pixel and file size of the ‘usable’ portion of photo is reduced significantly and may have to be ‘expanded’ to fit into product template setting. This will affect the clarity and definition of the ‘usable’ protion.

If the exposure of original photo (including the subject) is also not clear (in focus) the photo quality will be poor and may not be suitable, this will affect the quality of finished product; making it appear ‘blurry’ and out of focus.

Useable portion of original photo is used for insertion into photo plaque.

The larger pixel size and higher resolution of the original photo will help provide best finished results for plaque/product.

Photos taken in ‘landscape’ (horizontal) orientation may not have sufficient background above and below the subject (pet/person) to fill the allocated space for photo.

Photo Orientations. Our standard plaque setting is ‘landscape’ (horizontal) with the allocated space for the photo of subject (pet/person) set in the plaque as ‘portrait’ (Vertical). Not all photos are suited for this setting.

Ideal photos should have subject (pet/person) fill no less than 1/2 of photo but no more than 3/4 of photo. This should ensure maximum ‘usable’ pixels are available with subject in photo and still have sufficient background to use to fill allocated photo area in plaque template.

This subject (cat) fills only less than 1/2 of original photo. The remaining portion of photo is wasted and these (wasted) pixels will be unusable.

The useable portion of this photo will only work if the photo pixel size and resolution size is for a larger file (ie: Pixels 4774×3187 and Resolution 300dpi)

Original photo was taken in ‘landscape’ (horizontal) setting. The cat fills more than 1/2 and no more than 3/4 of the photo. But there may still not enough background at the top of photo to offer a balanced placement of the useable portion of photo.

It is an excellent sample.

  • This photo was taken in ‘portrait’ (vertical) setting.
  • Subject (dog) fills more than 1/2 of photo but not more than 3/4 of photo.

  • Exposure, clarity, focus and resolution is excellent.
Don’t sweat over it

Still not sure if your photos is suitable. No problems. Email your photo/s to us and we will check your photos for suitability and quality before you purhcase.